90 mpg!!!!!

I finally did it-I broke the 90 mpg barrier this week on the commute home! Taking a different route home, with a tail wind and favorable traffic allowing me to draft at 60mpg on the state highway I earned myself High Honors with a 90.1 over 15 miles. With a few stops thru town including an errand I still ecked out a 82.6 over 27 miles. This in a 4 star safety rated car with another 40,000 left on the warranty!

The Future is Insight!


3 Responses

  1. I personally like your car full of rocks but beating a land spead record can be fun in of its self

  2. The Forester full of rocks has a very utilitarian aesthic, especially given that it saved me (and the cedar trees) from putting in wood supports for my bed.

    Just to clarify-this post was for miles per gallon-even though the my hybrid Honda Insight is amazingly effecient, having my fuel mileage gauge read over 90 miles per gallon was a real feat!

    Thanks for reading Morgan!

  3. Wow, I had no idea such a thing was possible. At least not in a mass-produced car.

    You may not have a lot of land, but it sounds like you’ve done a lot with it. And you are learning. And I’m learning just by reading your experiences…

    Good luck. I wish I could get 1/2 that mileage!

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