Be the Change: Going Carbon Nuetral

I have several Favorite Quotes-of late I have been focusing on 2 that I will paraphrase here:

“He who would be a man, must needs be a non-conformist”
Ralph Waldo Emerson
“Be the change you want to see in the world”
-Mahatma Gandhi

I use both to guide my life, most evidenced by my gardening and car choices. Now, we are applying Gandhi’s a step further and trying to go Carbon Nuetral. Even though I drive a hybrid and am a budding “hyper-miler” (those that strive to push the mileage limit-sometimes over their own good sense) we still drive ALOT as a family-upwards of 30,000 miles annually with family time zones away. Also, we aren’t off grid yet so even all the compact flourescents and high effeceincy appliances (my washer uses under $8/yr in electricity) will never make us zero emmisions. I do want to say we are doing better-about 30-50% lower carbon than the ‘average American family’. Mia is really driving us to reduce our ecological footprint-she is thinking Global on this-I am thinking Local (this is why we get along so well!): while I am out planting trees, she is researching the purchase of energy credits for our family. Energy Credits are a contentious issue-but we prefer to side step the debate and side with organizations Fighting the Good Fight-basically grass roots funding for Green Energy.

After a feverish weekend of research, Mia settled on 2 choices. We are now offsetting the emmisions of our driving with NativeEnergies Cool Driver program with a monthly subscription. There are several energy credit options out there, but Native Energy appears to be the best package and is backed by many companies we hold in high esteem and whose judgement we trust (Ben & Jerry’s, Stoneyfield Farms, and Cliff Bar). Also we are signed up with Whole Food’s Renewable Choice Energy to offset our household energy. All told it comes to under $5/wk and we rounded up so we are probably ‘offsetting’ some of our neighbor’s too. Our utility does offer green energy choices, but it would kick us off the budget plan which we love. This also gets our money to 100% green organizations-no nukes, natural gas, or coal.

Be the Change!!


2 Responses

  1. Great stuff. Those links are pretty cool. An interesting concept for sure.

  2. Can I buy a pet rock instead? I think it might be a better investment.

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