Counting the Sparrows

So coming into work this morning I was feeling the groove-nice colorful sunrise thru the mist, warm still morning air. Very picturesque and I was looking to repeat the Insight’s record 81 mpg inbound commute from yesterday. I get onto Cnty B and see a Sandhill flying to the north off on my left. I sigh and think how lucky we are in that we live in the country; reveling in seeing cranes weekly. Then I get to F, cross the freeway and get back onto B. Rounding a turn I see a doe running North thru a field not 75 yards to my left. I have never seen a deer on my commute in 2 years and I pondered the serendipity of that occurrence. Then not 2 miles later I see a fox, a black fox infact, running north-the same directions as the others and again to my left. In my almost 32 years on this great Earth this is only the second fox I have seen. It was the fox that put me over-that is too much wildlife for one morning, and a black fox (it was not a dog) is just weird.

Now we are prone to interpretation in my family-seeing signs as it were. Anyone car to take a shot at interpreting this?

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