Someday’s Today!

Today was The Day: the point of no return with our small business venture. That’s right… today we picked up the trailer. Of course it wasn’t just the trailer, we needed a hitch. Oh, and the wiring harness. And I am swamped so I paid to have it all installed. All these reasons and more is how a $680 trailer turns into a $1000 trailer. $1000 is ALLOT of rain barrels. So before we even went home I took the kids straight to the brewery (never thought I would say that!) and picked up a full load. I am calling it Karma that eight barrels fits perfectly-and is exactly at the recommended tow weight for our Forester on an unbraked trailer (1200lbs). Even Benji the brewery guy was impressed at how slick it looked. Aren’t they beautiful!

But here is the beauty part. Every single one of these barrels is already sold! This is a small beginning, but we have sold 4 tandem sets and 4 singles-that is not too shabby for a marketing budget in the $5 range. Best of all- that is 700 gallons of water that is not running off each rain event. Factor in the rain events over the year and that is easily 30,000 gallons. Not bad for the first month! It will be a while until the trailer is paid off, but we have another nibble on email, and one garden install will but us in the Black.

Coming to a downspout near you…


3 Responses

  1. Hi, My thirteen thursday was on blogg hoping and I came across your blogg.
    One time hubby and I use to catch rain water and melting snow.
    Plus we used to melt snow for our water to live by.
    To be honest we got lazy and spoiled.
    Have a great day and stop by

  2. Congrats on the milestone. Those’ll make some beautiful rain barrels…

  3. Thanks!
    Now if I could just learn to back the thing up…

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