Thursdays aren’t really your Top Shelf kinda day. They aren’t part of the weekend-heck they can’t even claim Hump Day status. Here in Johnson Creek they are noteworthy mostly for their status as garbage day. And this Thursday was the first in a month that I actually remembered to take our the garbage. Missing garbage day 3 times in a row is kinda cool, because we still had a foot and a half to go in our garbage bin. But it is also kinda sad because for three weeks now I have simply forgotten to take out the trash. With our reduced waste generation level garbage day is now optional. At least in the fall and winter.

Another reason that today was an above average Thursday was because I went to a meet and greet for an up and coming Wisconsin author, Michael Perry of Population: 485 fame. Mia had commented a week or so ago about this author she heard on NPR-something about a Truck Love Story based on an old International Harvester truck. When Mia first met me in college I was the proud owner of an ancient IH Metro van that looked almost identical to the one at right-though maybe not as nice. The fact that she made it thru the first date is a testament to her optimism. So I picked up a copy of his book (Truck, a love story) only to learn that he was to be in town this week on his book tour. His book is a rambling journey threw the year that he resurrected a truck, killed a garden, and wooed a Good Woman. Perry is often funny, frequently poignant, and always small town Wisconsin. In person he is Legit. Oconomowoc, WI is putting on airs as it property values grow, but Mike went on telling his stories of belching women, giving CPR to sheep, and old beater trucks despite the fact that the room was full of Book Club women, who frankly ate up every word. Here was Real Life!
If you get a hankering for a good wholesome book about nothing in particular, but with something to say about everything that matters I recommend it. I dig Mike, if for no other reason than he confirms my suspicion that there are other men out there that both grow kale and dream of increasing their skill with a plasma cutter.

Real Men Eat Leeks!


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