Too Good to be True?

So I got what basically amounts to an advertisement today on one of the yahoo groups I track.

On it was a blurb and link to the Citizenre Corporation rep in my area.
The long and short of it is that Citizenre is offering a lease for a fully equipped, installed, and maintained PV system for your home for either a 1,5, or 25 year lease. For any of the leases you will give a one time deposit of $500 (seems reasonable for $20k in equipment) which is refundable at the end of your lease. At the lease signing you will also lock in your current energy rate per KWh, which will be held for the duration of your lease. Citizenre will then bill you monthly for the any PV power generated on your site. Cloudy for the month of December? Small bill. Make surplus energy in July? You get to keep the net metering offset from your Utility.
If this sounds to good to be true to you, then I am with you. I have contacted the corporation to get the skinny. If this is legit, and I saw nothing funny in the terms in conditions after reading it through, it could be a very real solution for those of us unable to front $25k to install a full PV system ourselves, but desperately desire to produce our own 100% green energy to protect our families from the vagaries of the petroleum energy market and save tons and tons of CO2.
If you have heard anything about this company please post a comment. I would love to hear it.

4 Responses

  1. Wow, that sure sounds like a win-win. Build a power plant on somebody’s rooftop and then bill them for the power…

  2. I talked to these folks last night. What I found out was:
    – They intend to do 100,000 installations in one year
    – They are recruiting resellers (he asked me if I was interested)
    – They don’t have any kind of battery backup at this time (though they may add that option later)
    – They get any available rebates or incentives (which makes sense)
    – We may not be eligible (they’re checking)

    I came up with a few more questions, so hopefully he’ll call me back. Other than that, it seemed pretty straightforward on the surface.

  3. Thanks E4! Check out my post on
    Groovy Green
    to see what I have learned so far, and stay tuned for more!

  4. The process:
    First you sign up and sign a forward rental agreement.

    Next Fall an engineer will come to your house and look at the viability of the system on your house. AutoCAD the placement of panels on your roof and you will both agree to go ahead to installation. ( Deposit $500.00 is now due)
    The next step is the system installation. They will come , Install the panels and metering box, Hook up the communications (Phone or VIOP ) turn you on and you are up and running.

    Tim Padden
    Sales Director

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