I’ve think I have finally overextended myself. With the 2 village committees, work, the Green Sanctuary at church, Someday Gardens, Groovy Green, and the family I am about maxed out. Then this past week I started prepping for my annual Home Owners Association meeting and I crashed. I have almost no creative energy, and combined with the bitter cold I am doing almost nothing but making bread, cleaning, reading junk fiction and playing old video games. I am trying to work on a refresh of the Eco-Veg series for Groovy Green, but condensing 4000 words down to 2000 or so is difficult on something that is probably too broad to begin with and I can’t make any progress. We’ll see.

So the cold streak is lifting, and I actually went outside today on a compost run. On the way back in I saw the arborvitae near the back porch. Or I should say I say the twig that was formerly an arborvitae tubling. I now remember all the stories that Mia has been telling me about the bunny tracks, and the kids asking if you could follow the tracks all the way to the bunny… Looks like the deep snow has forced the little guy to start browsing. Then in a moment of clarity I trudged back to the wind break to check on my 30 seedlings. Only one was chewed down, but all 4 Goumi shrubs were completely limbed.

Remarkably I didn’t get angry…not even a flicker. This is probably due to the fact that the thuja’s remained intact, and that the Goumi’s should recover (we’ll see how they respond to a deep pruning!) even if I doubt I will get fruit for another season. But there may be something to the fact that I have come far enough along on attempting to learn with nature. I was actually more pleased that the bunny had found some more calories than if I hadn’t of planted last year. This does not mean that I didn’t spend the afternoon erecting snow fence around my thuja’s, but it does mean that I may also be putting out bales of alfalfa to tide him through.

Hopefully with the warming of the weather my energy will pick up as well. Also tonight is the last round of interviews for us to decide which engineering firm to go with for our Stormwater Management Plan. So that will free up another 10 hours a week…

I also might need to start saying “no” once in a while!


2 Responses

  1. Technically, rabbits are lagomorphs, not rodents. 😎 They’re also quite tasty.

  2. Huh. I knew the taste part, the lagomorph is news.
    Seeing as the bugger took out my raspberry batch (how damn hungry is this guy that he will eat briars?) I am weakening in my resolve not to eat him.

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