Someday Gardens

Enough essays already! Time for a post that won’t make me (or you) think so hard.

So even in the bitter cold of February, Someday Gardens is going strong. We have managed to complete a sale in every month over the winter, and have fielded some pretty heady inquiries. The coolest thing to date is that we have been invited to display our rain barrels at Waukesha Environmental Action League’s (WEAL) Water Forum coming this March 17th. I will be in attendance to answer questions on the barrels and rain gardens, as well as to hopefully make a sale or 3. This is probably the single best chance for us to land some rain garden installations which would be huge. Rain gardens save thousands vs hundreds of gallons of water per event and thusly have 10x the impact on local water supplies. Waukesha is currently experiencing a water shortage due to unregulated growth and short sighted leadership in the past, so Water Issues are a big deal there right now-even if we can inspire some of the attendees to plant their own it will be a fantastic day.

Someday Gardens has also received strong interest from a municipality on the North side of Milwaukee on helping them get more citizens installing rain barrels, as well as large garden clubs interested in Madison and even Chicago going together on group buys! More concretely, by mid March we will have Someday Garden barrels installed in a total of 4 local municipalities. Interest is quickly outstripping my very limited supply so we will either be forced to start a waiting list w/ deposits, or find more sources for barrels. To that end, I am reaching out to (literally) every small winery in SE WI. That is not going so hot, and our local hardware stores have been unable to secure a source of barrels, so I may be forced to contact regional Big Box stores to meet my demand for barrels. The good news is that these barrels are still recycled from distilleries and making rain barrels from them is much better than using them as trash can holders or planters.

Either way 2007 is looking to be a fantastic first year for the cottage business!



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  1. Congrats on your quick success. Good luck finding more barrels!

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