The Good Life

As if we had any doubt…We’re living it.

A brief synopsis of this picture perfect day. Slept in past 7 (had stayed up late doing an 8 hour blitzread through a new fantasy novel), cooked myself breakfast (local eggs and fresh bread cooked the evening before) as the family had eaten and then drove with the family to take the kids to ballet lessons with the Milwaukee School of Ballet. From there we headed over to our preferred independent organic grocer for some staples (steel cut oats, flour, wine and eggs-we grow much of our other food in June/July/August), and then a quick kiss to Mia as she headed off for a meeting on a job that she was considering taking on that would add 50% to her gross income and I returned home with the kiddos. The fact that we are solvent enough to “consider” job offers is not taken overly for granted-at least not today.

Lunch was quick (salad with peppers and raspberries that I picked 5 minutes before), and then Bird went down for a nap while some storms rolled thru (only .25 inch but I’ll take it!). Mia returned in time for the nap and we enjoyed some quite(r) time weeding and harvesting until Bird woke up, and then we went to a nearby lake for a quick swim.

Now I am sitting outside in the sun, beer on arm rest and grill to my left while Mia prepares some potatoes, basil, and beets from our garden that I will finish on the grill presently as the kids play around us.

Life is good.


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  1. In a quick re-read of this post I must say that my greatest blessing (by far!) is Mia-as she makes all this possible.

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