Being the Change

That simple sentiment has spawned a revolution of sorts… at least in the small world that is the Mia/Beo household. It is why any “new” clothes are either purchased used or seen as a chance to vote with our dollars with retailers such as Patagonia, Prana, REI, etc that are offering fantastic clothes from sustainable or organic fibers. It is why I have converted 20% of my backyard to food crops-and half of those beds are what I can safely term experimental to push the edge a little farther. It continues in these blogs, in my hybrid evangelizing, and in the mini seminars I hold at work over coffee on the CCX, nutrient cycling in landscapes, or the local eco-nomy that we are helping to build and support.

But in no other place is it more apparent or vital than in our children under my partner’s tutelage. Mia is fantastic. Tonight she created another superb dinner from our gardens-beets (with caramelized brown sugar), potatoes (roasted with sage from the herb spiral and garlic sea salt), and a kale quiche made from local goodies. The meal was stunning enough, but what caused me to almost burst with pride (for them) and affection (for Mia) was that our children ate it all-with multiple servings. How many 4 and 5 year olds in suburbia are asking for seconds of roasted beets and kale quiche? After dinner when Sprout and I were out planting the second crop of beets and carrots he came across a roll of sod I hadn’t moved to compost yet-and he cried out: “Dad! We can reuse this-we don’t need to throw it away!”

We’re doing it…
Think Global.
Act Local.
Teach your children.

Be the Change.


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