Mother of all Rain Barrels

We had a mother of a drought in July of this year. We went almost 6 weeks without rain-which meant daily irrigation of our gardens-even the established perennials needed a weekly hit. We have 5 oak rain barrels on property which will hold about 300 gallons but that was soon drained and we were taking from the local city water to irrigate our permaculture plot which rankled me as it went straight against my “zero input” plan.

Now thanks to the beauty of Craigslist I may have a solution:

I am guessing the dog doesn’t come with, but 2000 gallons with the drain aready installed for $200 seems like a steal. I have no idea how I would support the base (we are talking 16,000 lbs of water!) and I would need to surround it with something lest the neighbors mutiny but I am pretty stoked. If I can work out the logistics of tranporting it here this just might happen.

Wonder if I could get Koi in there…



3 Responses

  1. Woah, what a deal! Did you end up getting it?

  2. Have you thought about putting in a reedbed for greywater reclaimation? That would stretch what water you do import the farthest.

  3. Meg, No, we would have had to remove a section of fence to get it in. Not that big of deal, but then I started running the weight for the tank and it was way more tham I wanted on disturbed ground (our house is on a rise) and started adding in retaining wall/foundation and it got expensive.

    I plan on spending the money on drip irrigation instead.

    Kory, I have definitely researched greywater, but we are in a HOA that would FREAK OUT on that. They don’t mind my edible landscape, but they have limits. Our Someday House (like Meg’s Future House) will most likely have one.

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