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Susan Harris from GardenRant recently interviewed me (thanks Gloria!) and has since published a nice little write up.  To those of you here for the first time: Welcome!  In this space I log not only my musings on Living the Life Sustainable, but also track the progress of my ambitious attempt to grow 2000lbs of food from a suburban lot in Zone 5b.

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6 Responses

  1. I applaud what you are doing, Rob. I’m one of Susan’s partners in crime here in the District of Columbia, trying to encourage food gardening in the city and in the schools. Also doing a bit of urban farming and also a fan of “One Straw Revolution.”

    Right on…

  2. Thanks Ed!

    I truly believe that urban farming/gardening has incredible potential in the coming century to unite communities around a more sustainable lifestyle.

    If your blog has anything to tell, you are doing more than “a bit” of farming!

    Keep it up Ed!

  3. Looks like you are well under way!!!! Is there a link or email address where I can email you? I know of a couple resources that might be useful to you:

    *Email list for people trying One Straw techniques

    *Family that grows 6000 pounds of food per year in their yard on less than 1/10 acre of growing space (whole yard is about 1/5 acre)

    *Book on turning lawns into food gardens

    *Book on Complete Nutrition Gardens

    *Report on a Complete Nutrition Garden Experiment

    *Desert watering techniques which would be good for your home garden, but not efficient for your 1/4 acre market garden

  4. Amaranth,

    I guess I would prefer you to just post them as comments if you could.
    I came across a family in California that was in excess of 3-4 tons of food from a suburban lot-they get alot more growing season, but there system designs were amazing.

    Food Not Lawns is a great resource, and I would encourage you to post any others. If HTML is not your thing (it certainly isn’t mine) I will cut/paste from your comment into a new post/blogroll if you comment with the url’s.

    Thanks for your interest!

  5. Good Day Rob:
    > I saw your posting on GardenRant. You say you make rain barrels for sale now but I didn’t see anything on this site to that end.
    > If you are building barrels, I’d like to have you take a look at our patent pending design and let me know if you might be interested in discussing our “Authorized Manufacturer” program.

    > Respectfully
    > Barry Chenkin
    > Aquabarrel LLC
    > #25
    > 878 Muddy Branch Road
    > Gaithersburg, MD 20878
    > 443.235.3131 cell
    > 206-202-1487 FAX

  6. Barry,

    We do indeed convert Oak Barrels to Rain Barrels for local citizens here in WI. Our products and services can be viewed at

    Though I appreciate the offer, I am swamped with projects right now and will respectfully decline. I have permitted your comment, and some of our readers may be interested. In my experience that demand for rain barrels far exceeds the supply in any urban market.

    On your design. I wholeheartedly approve of your overflow design, which is actually sized to handle the amount of inflow to avoid backups inherent in most rain barrel designs. Mine sidesteps this by having an open top, but I also lose control of the runoff then.

    Good luck!

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