Big Green Purse: Shopping for the World You Want

While I am almost daily confronted with the fact that I am crossing the ill defined line from interest into obsession when it comes to Green Issues which among other things is making me a difficult conversationalist (I do not advise bringing up supposedly poor mileage of the Prius or try to lame CFL’s due to their Mercury content… it gets ugly.) Admitting you have a problem is the first step right?

Anyway. Taking my daily spin around the Environmental News Network this morning (remember the obsession thing) I stumbled upon Big Green Purse.  BGP is focused on helping women make more sustainable purchases.  Why the female focus? Because women spend 85% of the money in the marketplace.  Given the serious amounts of money spent in the consumer economy, educating that percentage can literally change the world we live in.

Still exploring it, but it looks fabulous!



3 Responses

  1. I am so glad I found your blog! We keep expanding our teeny “new urbanism” garden to grow more food and this year I’m feeling drastic. I look forward to reading back in your blog and hearing about your plans for next year (in addition to the extra land – sounds interesting!).

  2. Welcome Denise! It is simply astounding how much you can grow in little space, especially if you integrate edibles into your landscape and use perenials like cane fruits and fruiting trees and shrubs!

    Seeing as you are just up the street (ok I-94) we might bump into each other some time-I go to some Sustain Dane and Natural Step Monona events, plus the Madison Farmers Market and Whole Foods of course!

  3. Yes! Those are exactly the things I have been slowly working on…adding more as I get to know our soil and space and plants all of that. Our yard is 18 feet wide with houses & utilities running on both sides so I am experimenting a bit with where I can plant, how deep, and I think this year planning some raised bed areas to avoid some of that.

    Yes, you are close to us (we are far east side on the way towards Cottage Grove). That is part of the inspiration–I love the blogs about these topics, but the reality of CA vs. WI is big (to me). Not to mention working within these tiny WI yards that have become popular lately. 😉 We like our green built home, though, and are just working on expanding our food/planting choices. I’d love to rip up all the grass and have a maze of food and plantings with small sitting/play areas throughout…just working through logistics, and time (with a 4 year old & a 3 year old at hand), and association rules. 🙂 I grow SO much in containers and in my small side beds, but really want it more integrated.

    We are big fans of the farmers market and visit WF and Willy St. often too…hopefully we’ll run into you some day!

    I think my husband is set on your wooden rain barrels too!

    Long reply-sorry! 😉

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