And Now for Something Completely Different…

Explicit Politics doesn’t rear its head here much, but its Caucus season, so what the hell. My beloved wife, Eco Mama, put our reaction to the Caucus last night much more eloquently than I would.

More than anything I want a candidate that will take a stab at the establishment. Like millions of others, Real Change is my Big Issue. And John Edwards has convinced me that he will do that more than any other front runner. The long and short is we really only have 3-4 choices, and very soon we will have only 1-2. Our system is flawed, but for now at least, it is what we have.

Even more than the relatively strong showing for the Change Candidates, I was truly encouraged by the massive turnout in frigid Iowa to debate politics with strangers for several hours on a weeknight. Maybe, just maybe, people are starting to care!

Be the Change.



One Response

  1. Edwards is my guy, too. I was pleased with last night, and I hope he can continue to build momentum. It’ll be interesting to see what happens next week in NH.

    Our system is flawed, but for now at least, it is what we have.

    My hometown newspaper, which I read online, is running a poll titled “Pretend You Matter.” You’re supposed to chose who you would vote for in the Pennsylvania primary if the Pennsylvania primary actually counted for anything.

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