Masdar City

While the story of a completely Green City in the heart of the Persian Gulf has been surfacing periodically over the past several years, the release of much more concrete plans is  a great sign that significant steps are being made.  According to the article on ENN today, the government of Abu Dhabi is hoping to break ground early this year!

Why is this so exciting?  Look at the design goals:

  • Zero Carbon Emissions
  • Zero Waste (99% diversion from landfills)
  • Zero Car
  • Oodles of Social Justice goals like: HEALTH AND HAPPINESS Facilities and events for every demographic group

Too good to be true?  Time will tell, but the auspicious goals are incredible.   How long until we, “The Greatest Nation on Earth”, can take a similar leadership role in this Greatest Challenge of our age?



2 Responses

  1. Sounds nice except for the last bullet point… the terms ‘Abu Dhabi’ and ‘social justice’ just don’t fit together. Google ‘Abu Dhabi Guest Workers’ sometime just for fun. Life is good if you’re a citizen.. which is around 10% of the island’s population. Not so good if you’re the imported blue-collar help.

    Kind of like here only more so…

  2. Bart that is a very fair and appropriate challenge for them and the project partners. One of the other goals of the project may start to address some of the International Communities concern about their guest workers:

    * EQUITY AND FAIR TRADE Fair wages and working conditions for all workers (including construction) as defined by international labour standards

    Again, everything is rosy in the press release (at the end of the ENN article the email address takes you to a marketing firm not an engineering firm which is mildly concerning). The proof will be in the pudding.

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