Resource Updates

Wanted to point out a couple of new discoveries of the past week.

 First off: Wiser Earth.  Funded by Paul Hawken’s Natural Capital Inc it is a MASSIVE site that appears to be designed as a networking site for all those fighting The Good Fight.  It started up last Spring, but the forums move very slow and the groups get almost no traffice thus far-there are supisingly only about 9000 people signed up, but I have only been on for a week. I threw my market garden plans out for comment and have gotten zip.  There are pockets of activity, mainly on the west coast where smaller permaculture organizations are using it to network and communicate.  MUCH more useful is there staggering list of organizations working to Be the Change (106,000+!) and resources all cross referenced by focus area which makes it super easy to say find new resources/organizations that are working on Farm Ecosystem Management (155 Orgs), Endocrine Disruptors (21 Orgs),  or  Industrial Ecology (3478 Orgs).  Cool!  It is now located under Resource Stockpiles.

Secondly there is this page from farmerfred on Beneficial Insects.  In one page it provides more useful info on  the most common “Good” bugs and what they eat than you typically find in a chapter on beneficial insects.  But more than that, for the first time there are charts on which plants attract which bugs.  Finally!!  Find it in the Sub Acre Ag links.



6 Responses

  1. Wow, that bug page is great! Thanks for the link. You’re right, this is the most concise and clearly outlined beneficial insect info I’ve ever seen. Very cool.

  2. Glad you’ve found your way to

    Are you referring to the Sustainable Gardeners and Farmers group?

    I wish the forum and groups’ pace would pick-up too, part of the issue is working on making the site more user-friendly (our team of developers is working on this) but it’s also a matter of getting the word out so thanks for the mention! Hope to see you more on the site Rob.

  3. Michael,

    Yep that is the group. I guess the info I am looking for is not uber time critical, but the networking side is what I see the most potential with on the site. It looks like the wiki side of it has lots of momentum, Hopefully the network will hit critical mass soon. Is there an email notification for the forums or groups yet?

    Even still, the resource/organization sections are a fantastic resource.


  4. If beneficial bugs are born on, say, your fennel, will they migrate to your aphid-infested kale for lunch? The larvae do most of the eating, and they don’t seem very mobile…

  5. Thanks for the beneficial insect link-it’s great!

  6. Gina, your welcome! Emily, many insects will intentionally lay their eggs only in an environment rich in prey, i.e. a plant infested with aphids. Others have larvae that are almost as mobile as the adults.

    But honestly, there is incredibly more that is unknown than what is known; real cutting edge stuff. That is one of the things I find so exciting, work that we are doing in our gardens is literally helping to build the collective knowledge in this field (or much more truthfully relearn what our ancestors and predecessors already knew).

    Sustainably growing tomatoes can mean getting a working knowledge of soil science, entomology, microbiology, hydrology, and countless others sciences. Or we can let go of our top down approach and simply open ourselves to Nature to be blown away by Her beauty and wisdom. Either way, I truly believe it is a (re)learning that is critical for our survival. Be the Change!


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