My Artic Tale

Our kids don’t watch much TV. Ok, our TV has been unplugged on our basement floor for 7 months and is gathering a nice collection of junk on top. We do watch videos as a family occasionally, and the kids (Sprout just turned 6, and Bird is 4.66) can watch some videos on their own once in awhile as well. Today we watched Arctic Tale.


The movie is good, though I was not nearly as rivited as I was with March of the Penguins. But the kids were glued (we had to pause the movie and have a family meeting when the bear cub died…) and as the movie was winding down I ended up wandering away for something. Then the next thing I know the kids are busting in super worked up with the uber urgency of youth:

  • Bird: “Daddy! We need to plant hundreds of trees!”
  • Sprout starts running around turning off lights
  • Bird: “Daddy! What we do in our home effects THEIR HOME!”
  • Sprout: “Daddy! We need to eat more fresh food!”
  • Bird: “We have to stop Global Warming!”

Suffice it to say that NG did a little better job tying in the Need to Act at the end of this one…

I won’t get into the morality of burdening a 4 year old with Eco Guilt, but this movie spurred the kids and I to have one of our better Talks about why we do what we do. Sprout is now committed to planting “dozens, and dozens, and dozens of maple trees so we can make our own maple syrup”, and is actually remaining committed after I explained that it takes longer to grow maple syrup than carrots.

Thanks National Geographic, for Being the Change.



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