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So anyone reading this blog has probably figured out that I feel that in many ways overt and subtle, Conventional Agriculture as sold by Monsanto and ConAgra is destroying the very fabric of society on top of our ability to feed ourselves. When you look at the physical and social damage done in the Tropics of the Third and Fourth Worlds it is downright criminal. The only reason Industrial Ag and the Green Revolution worked here was that the Midwest had 12% organic matter in the soil that was many feet deep. With a resource reserve that deep you can ignore losing 5 tons of topsoil annually as long as yields are increasing -or so the propaganda goes. In the tropics, as well as most non savanna lands, the nutrients are stored in the in the plants themselves with the topsoil not very thick at all. Conventional farmers look at a Rain Forest and drool at the fertility they believe to be in the soil, but completely miss the boat. Permaculture is one of many answers for the productivity needed to feed our growing population in the 21st Century while restoring the lost fertility of our soils, be they in a Suburb of Milwaukee or South Africa. </rant>

Even I get tired of reading at times, and videos help me explain Permaculture to my kids -at least during the winter when it is a little esoteric to point to a 24″ twig and call it a Paw-Paw tree. Here is a great video found on Google videos that is a fab 1 hour primer on Permaculture Concepts. Grab some popcorn and a local (home?) brew and prepare to be inspired!

I am also in the works of compiling a playlist of the best permaculture videos on You Tube. I find it reprehensible that many of these amazing videos have views in the low hundreds while Import Drift Racing videos get 1,000,000…

Sustainability needs a better marketing department.



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  1. I just happened to come across that video last week, thank you for linking it. I think its really important and an excellent introduction. I’d also recommend the book Permaculture in a Nutshell. It is certainly nothing near a complete volume, but it difinitely serves its niche role as an introduction for the lay person.

    I’ve been trying to come up with a one sentence definition but so far all I can come up with a really really long run on sentence…not to helpful. This video though, very helpful.

  2. Rob, it’s true there’s a lot more money in the Pollution Economy–lots of fast money to be made turning resources into consumer goods and spewing pollution all over–than there is in conserving resources. That probably accounts for the low viewership you cited. But not to fear–if things keep going as they atr, many more people will be tearing up their yards to plant vegetables and looking for gardening videos on You Tube. You’re just a bit ahead of the times.

  3. I agree that permaculture should be more intersting to the masses, but as usual the masses are just there to be lead astray by the status quo.
    Keep up the good work .

  4. While it is not specifically permaculture, the BBC How to be a Gardener video on Google Video is great. 4 hours total. We watched it with the kids last year and it really got us moving towards growing our own. Fantastic.

  5. Hey, good work! And when you’re done compiling good permaculture videos, shoot me an email about it, will ya? I’ll then try to get some of them on Susan

  6. By coincidence, I just watched and blogged about that video last week. I’m going through a whole bunch of permaculture/organic gardening videos, writing up notes as I watch them. Hopefully my notes might be helpful to others, and could help web searchers looking up specific terms to discover these great videos as well.

    I agree, more people need to be exposed to this stuff. When I talk to friends and workmates, lots of people are interested but have no idea about how to get started or how much (or little!) effort it would take.

    Many people don’t realise that a suburban block can provide a large proportion of the food for a family. They think gardening just means planting tomatoes and beans, and then a few months later having way more of each than they know what to do with.

    Anyway, my first attempt is here:

    I’d be interested to hear what you think of it!

  7. For a long list of videos that may be of interest, check out this:

    This site is actually managed by Bob Banner, himself a film maker with an interest in sustainability, permaculture and transition concepts.

  8. Sorry, not the right link. I should have linked to the following:



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