Community… Get Some

This has been a great week for community in my neck of the woods.  Saturday we had the annual meeting of our HOA.  I was unable to get anyone to take over as president, but I met several more of my neighbors and it was good to catch up after a long winter locked in doors.  From there I quick went home to tuck the kids in bed, and then I was off to another meeting.  This time it was a gathering of some of the 300 or so citizens who have attended one of our The Natural Step study circles in the past year or so.  Over 60 people showed up and over dinner and wine, we heard reports from all the dozens of various groups and their actions spurred on by the circles.  Almost half a dozen are running for local and county elections, there have been severl hybrid car purchases, and every town represented now has an active local environmental group lobbying their local village board, holding educational meetings at libraries and otherwise making themselves useful in the Good Fight.  It was incredibly inspiring to see so many people, people from their early twenties to their early eighties, Being the Change.

This power, the power of Community, the power of Shared Vision, the power of wanting to leave a better world for our children and those that come after us is breathtaking and literally awe-inspiring.   We listened for two hours as we regaled each other with our sucesses -from simply planting a rain garden to winning a seat on the county board to starting 501C3’s- and each passing story further emboldened us with the belief that we are not alone.  And together, we are stronger than we ever imagined.

My kids have been singing a song lately from an new album we bought them: “One can’t save the rainforest, but Toucan, Two Can!”  Amen.

Be the Change!



2 Responses

  1. That is awesome, and exactly the way real change happens. We can’t expect someone who spent their career climbing to the top on the backs of status quo interests to jump on a new horse.

    Its a battle of perceptions, what used to be thought of as the realm of hippies and the Y2K crowd, is now slowly creeping into the mainstream. But we have to fight tooth and nail to keep our image positive, because if we don’t, the old horses will push us out.

    Congratulations on your sucesses, and may we all have many more.

  2. I hear ya! I started a Green Book Club as a way to discuss the books I’m going to read anyway and connect with other ecologically minded folks. It has been amazing and I absolutely believe that all of us here on the blogosphere should reach out in real life too – whether it be an organization that is already established or starting one of our own. It makes a big difference on morale, mentality and change.

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