Sorry for the lack of posts, but the house is on lock down with the flu (round #3!!).  This iteration involves persistent and mid/high fevers (102-104) and viscous body aches combined with either very upset stomach or bronchitis depending on the sufferer.

While our son is doing quite well in his public school system, being seriously ill once a month was not part of the bargain.  Having Mia and I being an at home tag parenting team up until age 5.5 meant, in missing daycare, Sprout’s first contact with virtually ALL the perennial school viruses came last September and now we are all getting a crash course in the New Antibodies.  Before we had kids I don’t think I was sick more than twice in the last decade…

Before we were struck low, I managed to get 250 transplants started under a newly purchased grow light.  Post will be coming soon.  By then I may even have pics of the sprouts.

Until till then we will continue trying not to move.  As an upside I am averaging a book every other day.  Currently on the Geography of Bliss, which is much needed break from reading about either how much the world needs saving, or how to, in fact, enact that saving.



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  1. That sucks. And it’s kind of funny (not ha ha, but coincidence). I’ve just started the Geography of Bliss and am still at the beginning (describing how the Swiss have no sense of humor).

    And last year, when I had the actual influenza virus (which apparently I’d never had before, because I thought I was dying) I read about 15 books. That part of it was great. The fever and aches, not so much.

    Anyway, good luck. I hope you feel better soon. Yay for sprouts!

  2. That flu is nasty this year! We’ve managed to avoid it, but the university where I work seriously considered shutting down for a while last month when loads of students came down with it and apparently turned the dorms into petri dishes.

    I hope you all are feeling better soon.

  3. Whew. That’s no fun at all. Health and healing to you and your family. Also: I’m glad I misread that…when you said you’d had 250 transplants, I was thinking organs, not seedlings…

    If you can find what I affectionately refer to as a “granola doctor,” see if you can get a vitamin C IV. My doc has this “Meyer Cocktail” of vitamin C, B, magnesium, etc. that they give intravenously which will knock out just about any flu-ish virus in about 24 hours.

  4. I hope you are all feeling better. That is harsh getting sick so often – I read we are peaking with the flu virus here in WI…seems like it with everyone being ill. Hoping is is over quickly…

  5. Thanks for the kind words everyone! The flu was horrible, but then I got secondary infections in my lungs, sinuses, and ears so I am still far from healthy. If there is any silver lining most of these are bacterial so I am able to fight back more effectively. Taking 5-7 pills a day stinks though.

    Thanks again ladies!

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