Good Energy, Please!

Just putting a call out for some good energy, I will be talking to a group of up to 1000+ at Operation Adaptation tonight on “Eating Like You Give a Damn“, kinda a Think Global, Eat Local manifesto in 30 minutes or less.

I have never come close to talking to this many people at once… I wouldn’t say I have stage fright (yet!) but I just don’t want to blow it. My talks on Wed. to the 4th graders went fairly well (all the 8 yr old girls in the first class wanted my autograph after, but that had to do with my being named after the poet), but this is a teensy bit different.

Then off to pick up 140#’s of local seed potatoes (Carola and Yukon Gold) at the Madison Farmers market’s first outdoor event of the year tomorrow, run home, and prep for my afternoon talks on Rain Gardens and Victory Gardens. Sunday is making 23 rain barrels and helping Mia in hosting our annual Eat Local, Earth Day Dinner Party, and then Monday is delivering said 23 barrels. Then things (finally!) slow down slightly and switch from rain barrels to market gardens. The 400 onion sets and the remaining 40#’s of potatoes (Butte and Green Mountain) arrive from Fed-Co Monday or Tuesday, and The Grillo arrives Wed or Thurs, I have another presentation on 4/26 and if the ground dries out enough:


Be the Change!



3 Responses

  1. when do you plan on sleeping? If I had that much going on I don’t think I could get a wink of sleep.

    Congratulations on the opportunity to speak by the way.

  2. Keep up the good work, your level of activity is staggering and inspiring! I am looking forward to hear how the Grillo works for you.

  3. Chris, Thanks! It is staggering on this end too. Grillo is here Monday morning, but more rain today so other than driving it around the driveway it might be awhile.

    Kory -I am in the Thirty Something equivalent of an “all nighter” -it is just alsting for a week+. Or that time I drove 27 hours straight form Flagstaff , AZ back to college in South Dakota. I think we are all able to accomplish insane amounts of activity in small doses. I am pushing myself beyond limits for about 10 days, then will need to settle down BIG TIME or have a breakdown.

    Problem is saying no when schools, municipalities, community groups, and yes, even rock concerts come asking. It is a skill I need to find.

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