Potato Planting

The forecast was for still more rain, but it has been spotty and much of the rain missed my farm plots so it was back to the gardens. Wednesday night I was able to get 4 rows planted with help from the family, but much time was spent determining layout and a decent way to do it. Tonight I was able to get 5 rows planted in about an hour or so with the help of the Grillo and my experience from Wednesday. At the picture at left (click on it to enlarge it some) you can see the trench dug by the Grillo (background) and how the rotary plow throws the soil to nicely cover the previous row. the inital trench does need ot be slightly pulled out with a rake for proper depth, but the soil is so fluffled that it is easy work.

The beds are about 50′ long so one row is about 55 plants. Between the two days I have 9 rows in; about 500 plants! It looks like 190 pounds will work out to about 8-900 plants or 800 row feet -thats allotta spuds.

I love potatoes for many reasons. They are a “calorie crop” that can form the base of a meal- tomatoes, etc are mostly sides; they store forever; they are easy to grow; they are a blast to harvest -its the garden equivalent of scratch off lottery cards; and you can get two crops in one season.

This weekend I will get the remaining 80 pounds planted and will seed the “aiseles” with carrots and buckwheat. Time and weather permitting I will re till the true market garden beds and make the final call on weather to plant them with veggies or plant a smother crop. Next week will also hopefully see the hoop house replanted, in a new location, with tomato and pepper transplants.


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  1. I see the grillo at the far end of the row, nice. Started potatoes this weekend myself. Lets see the hoop house!

  2. The Grillo is working out even better than I hoped! Now that I am figuring out the rotary plow it is amazing what it can do in a hour -it will accomplish more in one pass through the field than a tiller could in three+ without makin hardpan and using only a fraction of fuel due to its diesel-ness (I have yet to use even a gallon). And with a tiller you would still need to go back through and build the beds. In my time “poor” life right now it is worth every one of its $1060. I know how blessed I am to say that -and I am not a very religious man.

    The Hoop House is more of a solar heated shed right now, we moved it off the spinach 2-3 weeks ago to let them breathe, but it has rained incessantly since then and we have been unable to cut ground to move it over to start the early tomatoes-something I would have done 2 weeks ago. I cut half the beds yesterday and will finish today time permitting. Pics will be coming as soon as the ‘maters are in the ground!

    Next year when the beds are already cut things are going to work like clock work, and I hope to purchase another hoop house this fall to have them at both sites.

    Good luck on your potatoes!

  3. […] difficult in the garden, but that is another post.  This year we went Big Time and planted 1000′ feet of potatoes from about 200#’s of seed stock from local growers and FedCo.  The beds they went into were […]

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