Hybrid Update

With the decision not to get a new car until late summer, I finally opted to get my winter snow tires off the hybrid (I know, its May).  Mileage week1 was 67,69,68mpg on the commutes, but today I decided to hypermile it.  The Inisght needs an oil change, and I think the tires are a little under inflated from the tire shop (I run them FULL) so I was “only” able to eck out a 97.4mpg on my first attempt of the year (ha!)  I had 101.4 at about 17 miles into my 19 mile commute, but the final 2 are in town (3 stop signs) and uphill which kills it.  My record commute of 102.2 last year I had about 106 heading into town.  Interestingly that trip was also in mid May-something about the warm spring air and longer days I guess.  I will change the oil this weekend, and correctly inflate the tires, which should push me back into 100mpg again.  It is noteworthy that the fine muscle skills needed to feather the throttle to that level lead to calf cramping and soreness on the “go” leg when I am out of practice.  With the tires running more resistance and the oil a little thicker, I had to drop my average speed into the low 40’s from the low 50’s of last year, but I still made it from work to home in an internal combustion engine, on decade old technology, and averaged almost 100mpg.

It is going to be damn hard to sell this car.

To that end, I am actually considering blitzing another 100 rain barrels, despite no free time with the farming, to earn $10k to pay off the Insight and earn enough to give $4k down on a 4 door hybrid.
Yes, I realize how insanely blessed we are to have the choice or whether or not to make an extra $10k.  Gaia gives.



3 Responses

  1. That’s awesome about the hypermiling. I can only get about 40 mpg on my Ford Escape. The problem in Colorado is the hills. It’s almost impossible to stay on electric engine while going up a steep incline. I suppose the honking horn behind me as I try to go 20 mph in 40 mph zone don’t help.

  2. Oh my. My husband is so into hypermiling right now (gas engine, not hybrid). We get nowhere near that mileage, but do definitely get above the estimated MPG for our model. 🙂

  3. drive barefoot, its easier to feel the pedal and make slight adjustments.

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