MREA Day # -1

Today I head up to the MREA fair with a truck loaded full of our booth, an Earth Victory Garden (EVG), and the entire Gasifier.  I have swapped the Insight for the day with another of our group who will be coming up later today -he is on the County Board and has meetings on the potential of building biomass utilization plants in the county.

We’ll have the booth set up today, then tomorrow we’ll start spreading information on our EVG system with the hope that others will start building them too.  The basic jist is that we want to spread the benifits of “systems thinking” -taking the goal of Local Food from a small garden, and creating a system to support that goal: a compost bin to create soil while cutting significantly from the home waste stream, and also a rain barrel to gather water for the garden while reducing runoff and non point source pollution.  We are even trucking up a 1/2 yard of compost to fill the bed which we will have it stocked with a full array of plants!

Next up in our Booth will be our Gasifier.  While the MREA is concerned about safety with us actually creating hydrogen gas in a field full of 20,000 people (Some people are so paranoid!) we will still have the video looping, and will certainly be spreading the news on how simple, and elegant, the technology is!  Being able to run internal combustion engines off of commonly found carbon sources, like wood chips, is incredibly exciting!

The rest of the booth will include information on our fledgling Community Group, Sustain Jefferson, which was founded on the Natural Step principles.  We want to show the massive power to change that even a small number of lay people have.

Lastly, we will also be giving three presentations: Friday on the Gasifier, Saturday we’ll be on a pannel for local community groups, and Sunday I’ll be holding forth on the Earth Victory Gardens, and, gardening in general, as a system of energy recycling and storage -we haven’t even come close to matching the solar efficiency of a tomato leaf with a PV cell.  I would like people to start thinking of apples as “batteries” of solar energy.

If you are going, check out the Sustain Jefferson Booth and say hi!



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