Be Kind to your Mother… Its the LAW.


We hold it in trust for our children

We hold it in trust for our children

In an insane week of politics -with a $700bln buyout seemingly a foregone conclusion, Bush using Patriot Act Tactics (Here is what I want, don’t ask questions, approve it or the world will end), and McCain seemingly growing more desperate and erratic by the day (no I won’t debate you…  I, I, I will go to Washington to help!) I stumbled across a really novel story that the NYT had picked up from the UK newspaper The Guardian.

Seems that Ecuador is voting on a constitutional referendum to treat the environment as a person in the eyes of the law.  Whereas we are giving supra-human rights to Corporations (life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness without the fear of bankruptcy) blessed little Ecuador is working on something truly novel.  I am no where near getting my hands around the legal ramifications of their move, but with only 23% of Ecuadorians opposing it, I just might get alot of time to mull it over.  

Have a good week, and enjoy the debate -even if it is even more onesided than previously thought.



2 Responses

  1. thats a fantastic idea, and were it not for a very entrenched and mobilized corporate noise machine, this country would have probably voted on a similar referendum.

    BTW I had a rather odd reaction to the debate, I thought McCain came out on top initially, but having talked to people of various stripes I have since changed my opinion. I rate winner by who I expected to win more undecideds. McCain trotted out the same vapid crap that got BushCo. in office and I just figured it would work again, apparently it did not. I guess I was also just frustrated that Obama was not more fierce, but taking the high road seemed to have paid off. While I think I know the issues pretty well, I clearly do not know socio-political strategy. Oh well.

  2. This is a really good idea and is being spread through the new Zeitgeist Addendum film (the sequel). The film also tells people to stop supporting the system and the only thing worth doing is making our world sustainable. ha… quite massive change is upon us. Also the “Crash Course” by chris martenson is waking people up. So much excitement! Bring on the change! Be The Change! 🙂

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