Permaculture is IT!

Just discovered the old Brit sitcom: The Good Life. Permascience put this up on You Tube and it hit so close to home that I just had to share.


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  1. I borrowed the DVDs off a friend and have been slowly working my way through them. There were 4 seasons total, and I’m up to the beginning of season 3.

    It’s so cool to think this was made all those years ago. I’d love to see a modern remake!

  2. That’s great! I don’t get quite as much enthusiasm for my ideas though!


  3. That was cute. In the long run, do they make suburban self-reliance look ridiculous, or intriguingly possible?

  4. I might have to track those down, Green Change! To some degree there has been a remake. The BBC launched “Its Not Easy Being Green” in 2007 or so about a Brit family taking their holding and permaculturing it. I can’t find links to the vids any where, but here is the current blog on their ongoing antics:

  5. Here Here! I definitely need to find a few more of those, if for nothing else than to prove “its not just me”

    Mike Judge is set to do a new cartoon series about an “eco-obsessed” family The Goode Family. I’m not optimistic about it though. The Good Life looks lighthearted and even handed. The Goode Family looks like it will be pure mockery.

  6. I watched it when it first came out. (showing my age a bit 🙂 It was one of our favourite programs. I particularly liked the episode on dyeing with nettles – great fun. It doesn’t make self reliance ridiculous, just very funny.

    viv in nz

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