Anima Mundi

As posted recently in a comment by commonweeder, January is indeed a time of needed reflection.  In many ways it is also a great gathering of the energies, mental and physical, for the upcoming year’s endevours.  Tonight I sit, making an attempt at stillness.  I am no Yogi – I am far to restless for that!  But at times even I am able to just sit and read.  That is not so different, but now I am reading philosophy rather than a “how to” focused non-fiction on gardening or permaculture or  renewable energy… i.e. a book that isn’t imminently practical.  

 This night is brought to me by the Gifts of the Season: noise canceling headphones by Bose from my sister in law’s (to help me write the book with a 5 and 6 year old in the house) and Stephan Harding’s engrossing tale of our  animate Earth purchased by my sister, some recent music selections from Windham Hill from myself, and a wife who is upstairs preparing the children for bed.

Sitting in a dimly lit room on a blustery cold Wisconsin evening,  the Yule Lights on the crab apple trees out front shining in, a book turning science into poetry in my hands, my  ear phones wrapping me in a soul stirring silence punctuated by the lyrical music of George Winston’s December and my body warmed by a fine red wine, I am achieving a deep stillness that is hopefully recalibrating my inner peace… so desperately needed with all the fret and fray swirling about in the Real World.  This is a truly fine moment -more so because of the full day spent with the family at home (no errands!).

Thanks for letting me share.  And now I will tell the restlessness that moved me to type this to sit still whilst I return to the inner stillness for a bit more.



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  1. I will order Animate Earth tonight. It sounds like a wonderful piece of science writing. Science can teach us that the Earth is a living being, if we understand science the right way.

    But science doesn’t teach us that the living world is aware and wise, or that we can share a sliver of that awareness, as we are part of it.

    I would suggest reading David Abram’s The Spell of the Sensuous next, for an exploration of the natural mind that can communicate directly with the ecosystem, and how we may have lost that form of consciousness. You can read the first chapter here:

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