I’ve got a pretty eclectic music taste, but it is highly dependent on my mood.  Much of January I was listening to alot of George Winston and William Ackerman.  The first waves of the New Economy were coming to bear on the shores of My World.  Cutting the hours of my team and being unable to give them Real Answers to the poignant questions of “How long?” and “How Deep?” threw me into a Big Think.  When I think, I need instrumentals – Winston’s “Summer” got me through most of my level 400 Philosophy classes.  But the Big Think is passing for a bit.

Now as the world begins to awake from Winter’s Rest I can feel my psyche ache for action.  I spent a few weeks turned very deeply inside, and now that the strength has gathered it is time for action.  First off, I can hardly stand to have a book in my hands – a sure sign that my brain is full and its time to Get Busy.  Next Ackerman is no longer a go to – in the last week Non Point, Clutch, Breaking Benjamin, Rage, and Soundgarden have been almost constant companions.  Hell yes, its time to get busy!

Seeds are ordered -double the spuds of LY-, but  the energy within needs more than farming for release and that leads to energy projects in abandon.  This weekend will see me  beginning to learn to weld as I build what will likely be a butt ugly, but functional stand for holding drums of grease for drying over a syngas flame.  Plans are being drawn up for the Tilapia/BioDiesel/Gasifier Greenhouse-a-workshop.  I have every intention of making Biodiesel by April or sooner, and hopefully have built my own gasifier by then to literally fuel my future projects.

The future is getting to be as Real as we have always thought it would be.  In my world- that is about 27 months too early.   So much of my life is moving from the armchair to reality -and I am struggling to keep up.  I spent much of the past month freaking out at how quickly Change was Coming – and how unprepared I was (granted I have REALLY high expectations for preparedness).  Now its time to start filling in those gaps.  

I see myself spending less time on getting other people “on board” and more time finding dirt in the nails solutions to the Big Questions: low energy/capital solutions to Food/Energy/Employment.  If the past 6 months is any predictor of the future – assuming We have Real Answers, getting people on board will not be a problem.  I’ve got focus, now the challenge is metering out the execution to prevent fatigue and collapse -making it through The Funnel will be a marathon, not  a sprint.

Be the Change



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  1. Hi Rob,

    I saw an ad in the last mother earth news issue that a farmer in southwest wisconsin is looking for some people to rent organic land to grow veggie. Do you know if it is the farmer where you rent your plot as he seems to be that kind of guy.


  2. Sounds great, but it is not my guy. That model is very intriguing to me as we look to expand out to a farm of our own:

    Purchase a plot with more land than I need – say 10 acres of which I will only use 5. The remaining 5 will house biomass crops in hedgerows which will grid off 10 .5 acre gardens which can then be leased out as “incubators” to aspiring market growers. We could all benfiit from the economies of scale by sharing one tractor, one greenhouse and one delivery truck and having access to 5-10 people for labor intensive jobs as needed. It would be run as a business, not a coop, in hopes that some of the co-op pitfalls could be avoided.

    The land leases would pay for my tractor and help with taxes, and I would help a half dozen farmers get their feet under them. A guy can dream!


  3. A guy SHOULD dream….

    this year I am going to rent a big plot in a nearby farm to grow all our veggie, my wife and I have decided to eat as much veggie as we can, I zam going to put at work 80 years (thanks to my grand pa of french method gardening at work ..; let see if we can make it …

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