24 hours

Random snippets from the past 24 hours or so:

  • Upon visiting my home town after almost 15 years I actually said “Huh.  The trees look bigger…”
  • We took our kids to the only Lego Discovery Center in the country yesterday and it was awesome.
  • I shopped in the Uber Mall near where I grew up and left feeling that the Suburbs of Chicago have a long way to go before they “get it”.  My god the wanton consumption!
  • Carharts, beards, and practical shoes are not “In” (yet!) with Upper Middle Class Chicagoans.
  • Apparently I bought over 4 dozen different cultivars of veggies and herbs over the winter …and they all came yesterday.
  • My son (whose in 1st grade) momentarily halted the dinner conversation tonight with the random, but perfectly reasonable, question of “If Mammoths went extinct… how did they evolve into elephants?”
  • I came home to a giant mound of UPS boxes in my driveway that I can only assume are my 310#’s of potatoes as Fedco reuses boxes
  • I got my annual review today at my Real Job and feel guilty about my raise.
  • I am excited to be giving two presentations to the 4th Grade tomorrow on Composting and Water conservation for Earth Day.
  •  I voted for Change at a local level today
  • Thanks to the barrels I have sold in the past 2 weeks 40,000 gallons of rainwater will be saved annually for the next 10 years and all the above seeds and spuds are now paid for.

I have much to be thankful for, and too much going on to realize it on a daily basis.  

We probably all do.

Be the Change.



5 Responses

  1. “I came home to a giant mound of UPS boxes in my driveway that I can only assume are my 310#’s of potatoes as Fedco reuses boxes”

    So does the Maine Potato Lady. My order was only 36# though. And I’m splitting it with three other people. Total of 10# of Kennebecs, Sangres, German Butterballs, and La Rattes for me. What are you growing this year?

  2. My favorite thus far is Carola – so I got 100#’s. My previous fave was Purple Viking -another 50#. Kennebecs are in there, as are the ubiquitous Yukon Golds.

    We got late blight something awful last year, so I am trying some tolerant varieties: Island Sunshine, Elba and Nicola.

    The goal is to begin planting in about 2 weeks and finish by June. I then can expect to harvest about 200#’s a week from July (Yukons) through late October. If I can get the $1.50 to $2 per # I got last year, and add in 20-30#’s a week of other produce in that time frame and that is a very nice supplemental income off of 7 hrs/ wk average and under .3 acres. Rob likes his Grillo, wheel hoes, and Slow Food Chefs who make all things possible.


  3. Brilliant. I’m inspired to go plant some seeds.

  4. ’tis the season! 400′ of spinach going in tomorrow!

  5. I loved this post so much. It reminded me of why I have tried to keep some sort of an online diary for the last ten years. These small windows into your life give me hope for my own life. Keep on.

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