MREA Energy Fair Workshop!

Just wanted to put a shout out there to all you Midwest Types to come up this coming weekend to the MREA Energy Fair in Custer, WI.  To say that this is one hell of a good time is a complete understatement, and given the focus on “Green” this year it should break all attendance records.  I will be there with our county’ Sustainability  501C3: Sustain Jefferson with a booth showcasing our Gasifier and our Earth Victory Garden concepts.  I will be getting up there Friday morning and should be manning the booth starting after lunch and it would be awesome to see some readers there!

To top things off, I was asked to host a workshop again this year on our Earth Victory Garden. Last year I had no idea what I was getting into, but 450+ people showed up and I talked through systems thinking, composting, permaculture, and household ecological thinking.  To this day it is still a blur, but I do remember having people lined up 30 deep to ask follow up questions afterword.  Gardening is still a great “trojan horse” to get people to start thinking sustainably and I am uber stoked to give another talk.  Might try to use a power point this year as well, but we’ll see.

I would love to visit with anyone that is able to come up – we will be camping on the grounds all weekend and it should be a great time.  The MREA Fair is truly one of the highlights of the year – AMAZING energy and mind blowing discussion all day long, and then after 8pm the beer tents open up, live music fills the air and its a fantastic party.  

Hope you can make it!



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