First Fruits and First Falls

I have good news and bad news.  First the good news:


10#'s of Baby Yukon Golds 6/30/09

10#'s of Baby Yukon Golds 6/30/09

The potato harvest has begun!  This is actually the third  mini-harvest, but the first 10#’s was eaten so fast we never got photos.   These are small – the largest barely the size of a croquet ball – but OMG are they delicious.  Harvesting this small severely cuts yields – Yukons only yield 3-4 spuds per plant on average – but I have over 2000 plants in the ground so sneaking some early is not a bad thing!

Now the bad news:

Dog Warrior

While a 35 year old, 190# man playing soccer against a bunch of 19 yr olds may be bad enough, what this picture does not show is the nasty digger I took in the game before this that separated my right shoulder.  I had a awesome time in my first competitive soccer tournament  (I was drafted Day Of due to several players not showing), but as the glow of the event fades I am left with the reality of  2-6 weeks of rest for my right arm.  

2 to 6 weeks!!! Are you kidding me?!  We are less than 3 weeks from prime potato harvest!   I am currently open to any and all options for harvesting 2500#’s of potatoes with one arm.  I am seriously considering switching the plot to the state’s only “Dig your Own” potato farm.  This sucks.



7 Responses

  1. Ouch…much sympathy. And I still want to try that tower. I even got hubby interested so something might get done this next season. Its mid winter here and jolly cold. We got a few flurries of snow but nothing much. Just dampish misery and way more of that than usual too. Its normally heavy frosts now with clear days.

    The consolation has been some absolutely stunning sunsets and rises.

    viv in nz

  2. Sorry about your shoulder. Take good care of it- shoulders are complex and fragile. I would recomend physical therapy, and massage. It will be worth the money.

    A dig your own potato farm is a cool idea, but you have quality commercial clients that you want to keep serving. As your operations grow, you will eventually reach the point where you have to hire some labor- this might be a good time to start.

  3. Oy. Ouch!

    Can you get in touch with a juvenile court and see if maybe they have some young uns needing to do some community service? One of my sons did a very stupid thing some years ago and had to help serve the elders at the community center for several weeks on the weekends. He made some friends even, and had a much better ‘punishment’ than he was expecting.

    Or maybe the scouts have some local troupe that can pitch in.

    Your story reminds me of the last episode of the first season of ‘The Good Life’ a British sit com from the 70’s. Tom throws out his back digging potatoes and they have to get all their spuds in before they rot in the ground. It has a happy ending; I think yours will too.

    If I were closer I’d come help!

  4. Sorry to hear. Make sure you take all the time off you need so this doesn’t become the beginning of a chronic pain.

    Employees are a great idea. Make sure you get good ones and pay them well.

  5. Thanks EJ. I share your concerns, and have done my best to rest it. Thanks to that and some lemongrass essential oils (good for ligament health) from a friend it is doing immensely better and I have been off pain meds for 48 hours.

    The issue with true employees at my scale are is the incredible amount of adminisrative headaches they put on the LLC – insurance, tax withholdings, etc. I will be looking to several other cooperative models to get the harvest in.

  6. Boy do I have sympathy for you. And funny thing….while I was catching up on the potato tower saga here (I have one going too, thanks to the inspiration from you) I noticed you had injured your shoulder, and I did the same thing a few days ago! (Seventh time, actually, but the first in over a decade.) Sure puts the crimp on the plans, I know that for sure. Got my daughter attaching the potato tower boards, husband has a list a mile long of things that I would normally do but with two hands, etc. And you obviously have waaaaay more on your plate than I….but just wanted you to know there’s someone out there who can sympathize wholeheartedly!
    I really enjoy your blog…I mostly lurk but love to read about what you’ve got going on. Hope you’re on the mend!

  7. Thanks Jen! I am well on the way to mending – I can go almost full throttle, but then need a day and perhaps an anti-inflammatory. Hope you healing is speedy!

    Thanks for reading and commenting!


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