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Look... Potato Soup!!

Look... Potato Soup!!

Lots of events coming up!

Tomorrow and next Wednesday my wife and I are off to staff some Slow Food events hosted by one of our Chef customers .  We will have the oppurtunity to educate the attendees on some of our favorite cultivars (we’ll have Kennebec, Purple Viking, Elba, Carola, and Desiree) as well as show how they can be combined with other easy to grow vegetables Garlic (Music), Onions (Red Baron) and Leeks (Blue Solaize) to create incredible hearty, healthy and sustainable food… with the dishes prepared by a gourmet chef!

Then, in less than a month, I will be participating in the Madison Bioneer Conference (From Here to There) as a panel speaker on Saturday afternoon 11/14 if anyone is in the area.  The event is promoting Real World solutions to food, energy, transportation, and community building to help us bridge to a Better Tomorrow.  A very strong focus will be on success stories already up and running in the area.  I am incredibly flattered that our little Suburban Experiment and small Market Garden were chosen to be part of such a cast of Heros (Will Allen is a Keynote speaker).  Very, very excited about this.

Bringing Bioneers 2009 Flyer

There are certainly enough headlines and anecdotal evidence out there to feed our inner Doomsday Voice.  It will be fantastic to be focused on evangelising on how far we’ve come in so little time (we  personally started less than 4 years ago) and using that message to inspire hundreds more to pick up the torch and start their own One Straw Revolutions.

Fukuoka lives on in our actions and we are forever in his debt.  More importantly we each have our own piece to add to the unfolding story that is our society’s answer to the challenges of our age.

Be the Change!



6 Responses

  1. I love potato leek soup!

    I bet the food will be delicious, especially since it’s from such fresh, healthy plants.

    And I assume the towers are still photosynthesizing…I don’t need an answer on that, but I’m excited by the notion that the plants in them still show signs of life. Sorry to keep bringing it up.

    I’m still imagining what I might do if your results are promising, thinking of partly-dismantled pallets, or maybe mats of clover grown in straw.

  2. The conference looks awesome! I’m glad people are recognizing your contributions and all you have to offer. Hang in there, and remember Fukoka’s eternal goal: to do more good with less work!

  3. All the good stuff is in Madison! Except my family of course. Which makes it hard to consider a move anywhere else.

    Wish I could go, and potato leek soup is one of my favorite winter foods!

  4. Do you have any favorite blue or purple flesh potatoes? You’ve inspired me to try some potato towers in my otherwise heavy clay, alkaline (pH7.5) soil vegetable garden.

  5. Rob – I know you must be very busy preparing for the Bioneer conference you’ll be speaking at next month, but I had to put in a request for your next entry. Could you provide us the final numbers on tower yields and your thoughts on the methods your’ve tried – I figured you might have had some more insights a few months after the season was over – once you had some time to “digest” the processes and produce …

    Keep up the excellent work. This blog is very inspiring.

  6. Tim,

    Absolutely – I have been remiss in letting it “digest” this long. Oddly enough, I am just brewing some tea and then sitting down to pen it up. Should be up within an hour or so unless I get overly distracted.


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