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At the Bioneers Conference, I became absolutely convinced of a few things:

  1. We have very little time before IT hits the fan.  I used to think 20-30 years.  Now I am hoping for 10.
  2. We are nowhere near ready – even those considering themselves Environmentalists
  3. If not now, when?  If not us, whom?

A year of so ago these conclusions would have had me off planting 20 more fruit tree guilds and another acre of potatoes while starting a third renewable energy project like building my own PV cells from scratch. Now?  I also realized that I, and many of my readers here, are dong things that less than 1% of the society are doing – things that are exactly what we need EVERYONE doing.  I don’t need to personally do more –that will just burn me out– I need to get more people doing what we are doing.

That means I will be continuing on the path I set this summer – to recenter on the Suburban Ag and redouble my efforts to Get the Word Out.  I plan on building some 1-2 hour workshops and presentations, and do alot more tours.

And to further the message, One Straw is also now on Face Book.  Not only will this give another outlet to reach The Masses, but it will also provide a different medium for the message itself.  FB is better at sharing photographs, links, and discussions.  The blog will continue to have its weekly posts on whatever my gourd is chewing on, as well as the How To’s and essays.  FB will get links, way more photos, my current reading lists, and more of my flighty musings.  I am very excited to see where this latest step in the journey will take us.

If you’re on FB, come on over, become a “fan” and join the discussion.  God knows we have enough work to do!

Be the Change!



4 Responses

  1. I can so relate to the feelings you describe, Rob. I’ve arranged to teach a very basic homesteading class next spring. I’ll be taking a break from my usual round of cooking classes to do this. I’ve no idea whether anyone will enroll. We’ll need at least 7 students in order for the class not to be canceled, and I’ve capped enrollment at just 10 students. I feel under-qualified to teach this course. The only thing that convinces me to offer the class anyway is the overwhelming feeling that we *must* have more people beginning to make such changes. Time is so very short…

  2. I’m going to push for the gardening class I taught at work this year to be a semi annual or at least yearly event. My question is…

    How do you gently instill a sense of urgency without seeming like a raving lunatic. That one has always been a difficulty for me.

  3. @ Kate good for you! Empowering people is SO critical!

    @ Kory – I guess I try to remind people on what they have already seen – that we had food riots in multiple countries, that gas was $5/gal, and then take them to the present 1 out of 6 Americans are now hungry and that we are no better off than the planet, where one of 6 (that’s a BILLION mind you) go to bed hungry. And then offer some gentle reminders of how it used to be: Victory Gardens are a great and appropriate crutch for this. I guess trying to tie peoples own actions (wanting to garden more) with larger macro-economic trends (peak everything) even on a small degree like lowering food miles or stressing the health benefits to heirloom veggies to fight obesity, may help their heads start to get into the right place. Save the Hellfire and Brimstones for the sidebars. 😉

    Or just hit them between the eyes – pussy footing around the issues hasn’t really worked. That said, telling the truth isn’t a good social move. Look at Jesus, Lincoln, King, and Ghandi. Scratch that, stick with the Victory Gardens unless you’re wearing Kevlar.

    Yuck – enough doom and gloom. Grab a beer and watch this. You’ll feel better. Best short I’ve seen in months.


  4. nice blog 😉

    believe me, you guys are doing great job here – simply by blogging about your experiences. It shows others that many people are getting ready, and their number grows.
    Two years ago if someone would tell me that I am gonna read about gardening and living locally I would say he is absolutely crazy 🙂

    the whole “peak oil disaster” can be a good thing IMHO – it will generate a lot of job opportunities: things that are produced on another continent will have to be produced locally.
    so, dont panic – take a look at Cuba and their very own peak oil after USSR collapse 🙂

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