Fund the Methane Midden!

I have taken the plunge and set up a Project on to help fund the next phase of the Methane Midden.  Kickstarter is a funding site designed to use blogs and social media to help fund small, creative ideas.  The project owner sets a funding goal ($500 for me) and a time limit (July 31st, midnight!) and lets the world know about it (this post).

Then the world pledges small amounts $1+ and spreads the project via their networks.  Before you know it the project funding goals have been met!  Sounds great right?

A few caveats – no one is charged (they use Amazon) until the TOTAL pledge goal is reached – we need to get at least $500. AND no one is charged until the project period is over (Aug 1st 12:01am).

And the most important point – there is no upper limit to the pledges.  Anyone who has read this blog at all knows I can find creative ways to spend money to save the world…  I have also added a widget to the right sidebar.

So I am asking you to help this idea out; help me raise the money needed to get it to the next level and make this awesome idea happen!


3 Responses

  1. […] Pledge to Methane Midden Project […]

  2. Done.

    I can’t wait to read you’re results!

  3. Thanks everyone! Made our goal today – so every additional pledge is gravy on top to make the projects even cooler. Will begin to purchase the uber cool pump and full on planning Phase II starting 6/22 once I am back from the MREA Energy Fair. WOOT!

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