Ecological Yardening Workshop

Coming up in just two short weeks will be Onestraw’s first ever Ecological Yardening workshop.  Learn how in just 4 years we have worked to transform our denuded new suburban yard into the beginnings of a more sustainable system by building soils, capturing runoff, planting useful plants, and tying it all together with linked systems to magnify the results that mimic the productivity and beauty of nature.  Learn more at

Ecological Yardening Flyer.

We will also be doing a “Bountiful Backyards” tour of our gardens Friday 8/21 from 5-7pm.  Cost is $10 for more details



2 Responses

  1. It’s raining here in Ireland…so, time was on my side regarding the web and I found YOU!!!
    This is a BRILLIANT site…love it!!
    My regular read from now on, more power to you!

  2. I live near Sligo, Ireland, on 3 acres under permaculture.
    I post pics every day from my land on Blog
    Recently watched the Story of Stuff…excellent viewing!
    This is the best site I’ve found for info and interest…I will be looking in daily!

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