David Holmgren’s “Retro-Fitting Suburbia” talk in Auckland 2007

After I wrote Evolving Suburbia I came across this talk on and found it interesting to here David go into more detail than in the initial video I posted.  These are all availible on You Tube, but can be a bit hard to track down, though deepgreenvideo has them all up and I am using their uploads.  Also, you can find the text to the paper that covers the same topics on Post Carbon Institute’s Energy Bulletin.  Total time for the talk is a bit over 90 minutes, the first 45 is a very nice summary of permaculture, and a high level overview of David’s book Future Scenarios. Starting about part 5 or 6 he really starts to hone in on suburbia.  Specifics remain light, again the answers will be individual and organic, but his tactic of following 4 “homes” from the 1950’s to the early 2000’s is rather fun to watch.



4 Responses

  1. Excellent series. Thanks for the links. Planting some Russian Comfrey seedlings I was lucky enough to come across. I failed dismally at propogating seeds myself.

  2. Rob, This may be applicable to you.
    Senate Passes Food Safety Bill, Sanders Provision Protects Small Farmers and Processors.

    Not a done deal by any means. Still needs to go to the house for a final vote, so let’s hope for the best.

    Really enjoy all your posts. How has the Grillo been working out for your operation?

  3. Rob – I was unable to watch the videos (yet) but read Holgren’s paper. While he mentions it briefly, I think we’ll really need to focus a lot of cooperative land use amongst neighbors for (1) crop rotation and (2) livestock. That will be key.

    Thanks for posting and for your encouraging words though. Really, the suburbs may in fact be the place to be in the not-so-distant future! I’ve mentioned before, but will do so again. I live in a neighborhood of modest homes built in the 1970s in NEOhio. EVERYONE in my neighborhood has at least 1.5 acres. Think of what could be done with cooperative land use with those kinds of resources!!!

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