The One Straw Blog is Moving!

I am very pleased to announce that the One Straw Blog is literally “being the change” and moving to a new url:!

June 2010 Tour - yes I am holding forth from my compost pile...

Why the move?  For 3 years now I have run an LLC focused on helping others live more sustainably and also to eat better through selling our produce from our backyard and market gardens at local markets.  Last year, we began to host tours and workshops at our home, and the response was incredible.  Thanks in large part to that response, seminars, tours, and workshops will be becoming a larger part of our work to Be the Change.  In addition to this I have greatly expanded the amount of services and products we offer.  Basically, if I have written about it on the blog, I will either be selling it or installing it.  From cold frames to compost bins, rain gardens to Fruit Tree Guilds; raised beds to low tunnels.  Heck, if you want me and the Grillo to till up your yard or a new community garden – I’m there.  But, it was becoming very clear that most of my clients had no idea that I wrote, and most of my readers had no idea that I ran a business.  That was just silly, so I made the change.

I will still be writing about everything that I am doing.  I will still be as detailed as ever with my “how to’s”.  But once I have proven the design, local readers will also have the option of purchasing the results of the trials if they do not have the time nor inclination to build / install one for themselves.  I very much enjoy building, and the more compost bins and gardens in the world, the better off we will all be!

Also, I have updated and expanded the “Read!” section of the blog in the “Bildung” section on the new site.   Bildung is a German concept that defies translation, but can roughly be seen as the concept that education can literally change a person.  7 years ago I was racing 400hp street cars I built myself and eating at McDonald’s.  But through the epiphanies resulting from watching our son undergo surgery at the age of 3 months, I became interested in organic food and started to read more about gardening sustainably.  The rest is history, and I have never looked back.

Finally, the site is now partially monetized.  I did not go lightly into this, but the blog will have a side banner and the links on the Bildung section are associate links to Amazon.  I have played with the sizing, and hope that the ads are not distracting – let me know if that is not the case.  The associate links and ads are to hep defray the hosting fees – trust me, I will not get rich on this!  With the books, I continue to encourage everyone to support their local book sellers and/or local libraries for their books.  But, if you are gong to order online anyhow, clicking through the link and making a purchase will give me a fifty cents or so.

In a few days I will begin forwarding traffic to the new site, which may or may not wreak havoc on the RSS feeds that many of you have set up.  I apologize for any inconvenience!

I thank you all so much for working with me to Be the Change!  The coming decades are going to be terrifying and exhilirating.  Together we can make a difference.  Let’s do this.

Be the Change!



4 Responses

  1. Rob,
    Congrats on working your business up to the point that you have. It’s so cool to see a couple dozen people learning that real folks can can make a meaningful change in their lives and have a positive impact on their community. Best of luck as you move forward. I’ll be sure to update my bookmark and links.
    – Mike Lorenz

  2. That’s great Rob. I am planning a similar venture over the next few years in Australia. At the moment I am Selling seeds, seedlings (at market) and providing a food gardening service but I would like to do more consulting and workshops. Will I need to change my RSS information or will it redirect?


    • I would change your feed to the new blog – there is a new feed button there. I will be purchasing a forwarding service, but fairly sure if the RSS’s will not pick up new posts; i.e. links in will be redirected, but I don’t see how the RSS’s would know of changes (new posts) at the new URL without a new feed being created.

  3. Rob, Good-on-ya-mate!!
    As we say in Oz!
    I have been reading your site religiously for a couple of years now…..absolutely will bookmark the new one…in the process of building a gasifier to run our genset, thanks to you, many times you have inspired us on our journey to self-reliance and local foods, tho not there yet!. Greatly pissed by your post on mulched trenches/paths, tho only cos I had kinda the same idea, but put the trenches down the center of the beds,,,,,pain in the @$$ to sow across the beds, inefficient sowing along the beds…I guess great minds think alike, but some are greater than others, LOL….will spend our southern hemisphere winter changing over to mulched trenches for paths! And, of course keep an eye out for your next educational and inspirational piece!

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