Back on WordPress!

After far too long I’m going to fire up the old WordPress blog. A lot has changed – we’ve moved to the Minneapolis area for one- and my new job involves a good amount of travel so our yardening has changed as well. Much less total sq footage and less epic projects, but we’ve added edible landscaping and permaculture design to this property and also now have a backyard laying flock of 9 chickens which has been fabulous.  Super exciting- the ecology here is LOADS better than our old home. We see eagles daily, and have seen otter, beaver and foxes within a 3 min walk from our door as well as over 90 species of birds, every frog native to southern MN and 3 species of turtles as our new home abuts a 30 acre ‘city’ park which is bordered by a river and contains woods, meadow, and a 5 acre pond.

Currently there is a gap in posts from the time I was on the now defunct OnestrawRob site. At some point I’ll migrate them all over, but there is a lot of work to be done there.

In the mean time, I’ll try to use this space to update on my current projects and please feel free to connect on Instagram: onestraw

Missed you guys!


-Be the Change


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