Potato Tower Results – An End to the Hype?

Thanks everyone for waiting all season for the results!  I finally got to harvest the towers about 2 weeks ago – the last of the vines had been killed on 10/10 when we had a very severe freeze of 23 degrees.  Considering we put the towers in the last week of April – this was […]

Potato Towers Month 4!

Potato Tower update – growing 50-100#’s in 4 sq ft?

Potato Tower Month 3 + Straw Mulch Spuds

This summer has seen much of our backyard go to weed as first my overcommitment, and then my separated shoulder have reduced my time to the point where the Weeds are Winning.   I have chosen to see this as a further lens through which to view my gardening techniques.  If a garden bed or method fails […]

Potato Tower Month #2

Month 2 update on my attempt to max out production of potatoes in a small space.

Potato Tower, Month 1

Progress on my Potato Tower

4 sq ft Potato Tower

How to grow up to 100#’s of potatoes in 4 sq ft!

Yardening: Spectacular Spuds

One of the core themes on One Straw is growing Real Food in Real Spaces – namely suburban yards.  To that end we are focusing more and more on Yardening.  And in small scale agriculture (by that I mean something between gardening and farming) the focus is often on yield per plant, or yield per […]

2010 Spud Season Begins – New Technique!

Last Friday I got a call that my seed potatoes were in.   This year I used one of the several organic farms in central WI that specialize in spuds to source my seed – I save a bundle in shipping, and they make a bit too.  Its all good.  But as this was an […]

You take the Good, You take the bad…

So I noticed some crazy effed up leaves on my peach trees this past week.  Looked like a leaf roller or something – yeah, it turns out I have a fungal issue with peach leaf curl.  Treatment this year will be taking the affected leaves and composting them – and next year it looks like […]