Greening Religion: Unitarian Green Sanctuary

For many years now Ecomama and I have been practising Unitarian Universalists. The liberal, inclusive, honestly moral congregations fit our worldview very well and provide us fertile ground to develop spiritually while allowing us to contribute and fellowship as a community.

Recently our Congregation has reaffirmed our conviction that this is our spiritual home by choosing to start down the path to becoming a Green Sanctuary. In a nutshell the program is a statement of conviction that the congregation will include sustainability and care for the Earth and its creatures as a core value. Specific focus in placed on increasing awareness, personal accountability and the incorporation of an environmental ethic into the spirituality of the congregation. I have long believed that Environmentalism is a moral choice with its roots established deeply in the persons ability to empathize with others, make unselfish decisions, and live a life of compassion to others and future generations.

Plans are flying at a furious pace right now including everything from installing green roofs to hosting monthly seminars on environmental issues in our building that would be open to the public and actively marketed. If this sounds right up my alley, your spot on!

Sustainability is edging more and more into religious circles, be it Buddhist, Christian, or others as congregations awake to the fact that our current economic and societal behaviors are destroying creation and leaving the world in a sad state for our children which conflicts with the core ethics of most major religions.

Religion is often at the forefront of societal change-and I am honored that our congregation is doing its part in Being the Change.


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