And now for something completely different

At times I have felt that I am living my life one slogan / lyric / bumper sticker at time.  I don’t think that is so strange – it seems that humanity has a penchant for aphorisms – heck Nietzsche wrote entire books of them.  For some reason I was feeling especially introspective this morning and many of my favorite aphorisms seemed to be jumping to mind.  To not lose the moment I captured some of them, took some license, and ended up with this.  One could have some fun trying to track the originals all down…


Knowing / Fighting

We have the Tools, we have the Talent.

Actions always speaking louder than words.

Everyone must eat, but cannot live on bread alone.

Never doubt small groups of dedicated individuals.


Wings of butterflies changing the weather.

Stones that gather no moss – catch me if you can!

The answer is blowing in the wind, but

God helps those that help themselves.


Journeys begin with a step, and these boots were made for walking.

Great ideas start in the muscles, so work hard at something worth doing.

This work doesn’t kill, now so much stronger.

All the better to get busy living, lest stay busy dying.


Great responsibility tags along with incredible power.

Surrender?  I have yet to begin to fight!

Every tool a weapon, just you hold it right.

And they ain’t taking me without a fight.



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