Gasifier Plans and Resources

On this page I will begin to collect the resources we have found useful in our project

FEMA Wood Gasifier Plans

Gen Gas Site

The Lego Gasifier

Victory Gasworks

Notated Picture of our Gen 2 Gasifier

Our Gasifier (v. 2.0) Surface Temp Graph 1/11/09

Biomass Gasification Abstract

Victory Gasworks forum

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  1. […] Gasifier Plans and Resources […]

  2. You might try.
    They seem to be designing gasifiers and have open plans and partial and full kits available.

  3. Thanks Sean – I had not seen that sight yet. Looks very interesting -too bad they are so far away! We hope to begin workshops eventually, and are essentially doing so now I guess, as every build day is open tot the public. Also in the long term plan is to over units for sale.

    In fact we are installing a prototype of just such a unit onto a home this week!

  4. Hey this is Tom with All Power Labs. Saw that you’re going after stimulus funding with gasification, which is great. Wanted to check in on the design you’re using, and make sure you’ve checked out our website–we’ve made dozens of improvements to the initial design, including adding tar dams and pre-heating on the air intake, all of which have dramatically improved performance. All our research and innovation is open source and free for noncommercial use, so if you see something there that’s of use, please feel free. And, if you have any questions, or want to get an off the shelf working unit, we’re happy to help with that as well.



  5. Hey Tom,

    Thanks for the advice. Yep – We’ve been monitoring what you are up to over there at APL with quite a bit of interest. We intend to pre-heat our intake air in the next generation, and one of our members has a lego gasifier on order from you so we can better cross pollinate the ideas (we are visual backyard tinkerers I guess).

    Thanks again for dropping by, and we will definitely be in touch!


  6. Great site!!
    I’m just getting into the gasifier thing and I’ve got a few questions. Is the FEMA plan the “gold standard” plans that people use, because I’ve read mixed results from this high tar production. Also, how big of an ICE can be run off your current gasifier? and lastly, do you offer plans for constructing your current unit…it really looks solid. Thanks for all the information. I would really appreciate a point in the right direction

    • Chris – the FEMA is the “gold standard” for Gasifiers, but only in the very narrow sense it was designed for: to allow normal people, with basic welding and metalworking skills to produce a combustable gas from salvage material to power engines in a crisis. A temporary crisis. They do, or at least ours did, suffer from significant tar production due to less than ideal combustion and low grade filtration. Considering that they can be made for almost free with almost no skills its not really a bad deal.

      That said, if you want to have a semi permanent fuel source on a farm or homestead a FEMA will not be your ticket. We do not have plans for our gasifier up, but there are a number of videos that will give you the jist of it. If you are near WI, we also have “gasifier therapy sessions” about once a week where we putz on them. Even though ours is stout, it still suffers from tar issues though to a far lesser degree than the FEMA. This gasifier with a 6″ inlet could theoreticaly powr a 25-35hp engine, though we intended to power 1-2 15hp generators and use the excess fuel to power a boiler. This may also be one of our problems, we almost never ran it at peak volume, and you get less tar at peak. Using a smaller inlet pipe helped, but not enough.

      GEK has made some very good progress on this, and we have switched most of our efforts to syngas water heating to heat ethanol feedstocks using a syngas powered steam boiler, while also producing bio-char.

  7. thank you for the reply, I’ve been looking at the GEK and the Off-Gridder from Victory GasWorks. Both look like very nice units, but I’m too much of a tinkerer to buy a “kit” of anything.Besides, I think half the fun would be rummaging through the local steel scrap yard in search of the perfect parts. I’m really still in the information gathering/ self-educating stage. I tend to think about five steps ahead of myself, that’s why I found it interesting that you have turned your focus to heating water. That is one area that I have been researching too. I’m wondering how to use my gasifier to heat water for use in my home. I’m sure that I will be a “Frequent Flyer” on your site. Many thanks again.


  8. I’m moving to a remotish part of Nepal and have heard a little about gassifiers. They sound like a localised answer to the frequent lengthy powercuts. Does anyone know about how and where and how much for a gassifier? I heard that they could produce 35kw but needed full-time engineers to maintain them. Any ideas?

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