The Archdruid Report

A site that I had read some last year, but gotten away from was The Archdruid Report, authored by John Michael Greer… who also happens to be the Archdruid of the US. Druidism has changed alot over the millennia, it was effectively stamped out for several centuries, and, to my knowledge, its resurgence has no direct connection to the Druids of Old. But the principles are still intact: knowledge, balance, music, and Nature. As important, JMG is a significant scholar and accomplished writer, though I admit I am not overly drawn to his work on Monsters, Magic, etc.

On his blog he writes a weekly report that is typically well researched, lengthy, and typically sparks a significant degree of discussion. Topics very often hover around the coming challenges of the 21st Century, and possible Druidic responses to them.

The past two weeks he has written about agriculture, specially it current issues with declining oil resources and its the possible solutions drawing from its deep history of adaptations. Good stuff!

Links to his recent posts:

Agriculture: The Price of Transition

Agriculture: Closing the Circle


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