Colds, Fog, & Paul Hawken

We are experiencing our typical early January melt, and both kids are knocked down with the now ubiquitous January wk 1 colds. Apparently the incubation period of germs from visiting out of state family over the holiday is about 6-7 days-this happens every year. The melt is causing significant humidity and visibility is down to 1/4 mile, which is nice since it keeps the noise of the freeway down. I just realized I said “typical” in reffering to the weather. 4 years ago I would have never have been in touch enough with our cycles to realize that. Growing your own food opens so many new perspectives!

With the quiet calm day outside, and the kids silently catatonic in one of their few chances to watch movies I am availing myself of some reflection time. On goes with the genre set to “Chamber, Baroque” and into my lap falls Blessed Unrest by Paul Hawken.


This was a Christmas present from my parents, along with the soon to be released Plan B 3.0 by Lester Brown… I try valiantly to not get new “Stuff” for the holiday’s-all I want are tools (no one will pay what I pay for them), workshops (ditto) and books (aha!).

Thus far Blessed Unrest is chocked full of that rarest of qualities on the Peak Left: optimism. The premise of the book is that if you combine the organizations working for social justice with those working for environmental issues (not such a stretch as no sustainable future can deny human rights) you get a list of literally almost a million organizations, with billions of members. In no other time in history has their been such a movment, but since it has no Personality at is head it is under the radar and is being completely missed by the media unless some faction of it demonstrates at the WTO conference.

Paul Hawken sums it up best when he states, no one who is familiar with the science of our current situation can not be filled with deep pessimism about our future. But simultaneously, no one who is truly familiar with the depth and breadth of the work being done to improve our situation cannot be overwhelmed with hope.

And that about sums up where I am at in my personal life and on this blog. Filled with Sartre’s nauseum, but refusing to give up hope that millions of people acting individually to Be The Change they wish to see in the world won’t find a way out of this mess.

“In a time of drastic change it is the learners who inherit the future. The learned usually find themselves equipped to live in a world that no longer exists” -Eric Hoffer

Be The Change


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