Rosa Sat.

Like everyone else, I am passing this quote on from NPR today as it moved me on my commute home.  While the meaning can not possibly be as poignant for me as to those in the articles, I still fervently beleive it is true for my children, and all American Children as well:

Rosa sat,

So Martin could walk.

Martin walked so Obama could run.

Obama is running,

so our children can fly.

This campaign will live long in history – thank you to all that are playing a part in it. 

May we finish strong.

Be the Change.  


Bernie Sanders and the Death of Reason

On 10/1 Bernie Sanders of Vermont proposed the only ammendment that made any sense whatsoever for the “bailout” of Wall Street.  In his speech which is long, but so packed with commonsense goodness, righteous rage, and patriotism that I implore you to watch it, that the top 1% of Americans pay for 45% of the bailout.  That Top 1% ‘s income is greater than the COMBINED income of the bottom 50% (!!) and has accumulated wealth greater than the bottom 90%.  Sweet Jesus.  He proposed a 5 year 10% surtax on those that benifited most under Bush and the excessive greed fueled by the Republican Deregulation.  

His proposal was voted down 99:1.  

To anyone who doubted it: we are a democracy in name only.  

Long live the cleptocracy of the Oligarchs.  And may God Himself help us because we can’t help ourselves.

99:1 and Caligula is calling!


And Now for Something Completely Different…

Explicit Politics doesn’t rear its head here much, but its Caucus season, so what the hell. My beloved wife, Eco Mama, put our reaction to the Caucus last night much more eloquently than I would.

More than anything I want a candidate that will take a stab at the establishment. Like millions of others, Real Change is my Big Issue. And John Edwards has convinced me that he will do that more than any other front runner. The long and short is we really only have 3-4 choices, and very soon we will have only 1-2. Our system is flawed, but for now at least, it is what we have.

Even more than the relatively strong showing for the Change Candidates, I was truly encouraged by the massive turnout in frigid Iowa to debate politics with strangers for several hours on a weeknight. Maybe, just maybe, people are starting to care!

Be the Change.


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