Here in I will resurrect some of my previous posts that are really more Essays than blog entries. They certainly made me think, I hope you enjoy them.

Eco Vegetarianism
A written journey through my struggles to defend the idea of Ecological Vegetarianism in light of the New Sustainable Ag. My conclusions surprised me.

Ecological “Yardening”
A early write up of our attempts to reduce the amount of lawn and the ecological impact of our Suburban Life.  The results of this plan eventually convinced me to start my Sub Acre Ag plan.

Sunny Fuel and Chickens
A brief overview of what will hopefully become a model for a sub acre ag plot focused more on energy and protein production.

A good summary of what the goals and inspirations of my little Urban Ag project are all about.

21st Century Man
A discussion of my grave concerns about the inadequacy of the skill set our current society is teaching our children

Solutions to the Funnel: Carbon Reduction Schemes
A high level discusion of the immense magnitude of the problem of Global Warming and many of the potential solutions based on articles in the September, 2006 Scientific American issue.

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