Gasifier Videos

As Part of our Sustain Jefferson Project, one of our members is video logging much of our progress. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then 20 minutes of streaming video must be better than a textbook! Please be sure to rate and comment on any videos to increase their “searchability” on You Tube to help spread the word. A full hour long DVD is also available for order by following the email links on the videos.

The Intro Video

Running an Internal Combustion Engine!

Generating Electricity!

Cleaning the Gasifier

Intro to our Gen 2 Gasifier!

Our Slick Cooling Tower 

6 Responses

  1. i love and my partner are planing to build a bus fueled by gasification,to take us from n.y.-f.l. in the summer. we will use this site as a guide…thanks so much

  2. Fantastic!
    Please keep us posted on your progress!
    Good Luck!

  3. Good job!!
    Also try with agricultural wastes instead of wood.
    Good Luck

  4. Wonderful, so simple construction. We want to fabricate such device in Indian village to serve poor and downtrodden. Will you help me to get your design and specification?
    Rajib Lochan
    Bihar, India.

  5. can’t make one, but will buy one NOW (depending on price). why isn’t someone making and marketing these NOW. i think the country is ready and if the ‘unit’ is not too smelly then whats the drawback?

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