My Eco Mama: Just One Thing

Mia and I despise The Lamers. Lamers are anyone that slings mud at someone for “not doing enough”. Easy examples are criticizing the Prius driver for being “totally lame” for not biking to work, or beating up on someone for buying organic cereal instead of bulk steel cut oats. What started this all and had us begin using the term “Lamer” is this very humorous article in GristMill.

Get over it! Here in the Rob and Mia household we believe that the most important step is to choose to make a Change, not the change itself. The adage is true: Every journey begins with a step!

My Eco Mama just put up a great post to that effect.



2 Responses

  1. Heh. I’ve got another term for you – shrink wraps. These are people who take the opposite approach and treat anyone voicing an environmental thought as dangerous lunatics – you can see the full rant at my place.

  2. Interesting. Here is a counterpoint, if you might find that interesting as well.

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